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The BM Rider

The BM Rider is the magazine of the BM Riders Club.

'The BM Rider' is a quarterly e-Zine although the frequency of publication may change in due course as and when it is felt that there is a need and if we have sufficient content to fill them. The decision to produce an e-Zine rather than a hard copy magazine was taken mainly for reasons of cost, this position is reviewed periodically.

The BM Rider's first ever Editor was Matt Butcher and he did a great job of producing the Club's first ever magazine. The first issue was particularly difficult because there really was very little in the way of news as it was published on 'Launch Day' but it was successful due to Matt's efforts. After completion of the second issue, bowing to other commitments Matt retired from the post, but we were fortunate to find a new volunteer within a few hours of announcing Matt's retirement. The second Editor was Pat Mansfield from Dublin and having kissed the Blarney stone a time or two, he did a great job for us all until 2008 when he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, Pat continues to contribute whenever he can.

Geoff Thompson became our third editor followed by Phil Hawksley as acting editor on Geoff’s retirement from the post.

Our current editor is Doug Lord (

We try our best to keep you informed of all that is happening within the Club, both in the e-Zine and through the site and Forum, but we really do need your input of news, articles and stories in order to keep these publications interesting. So ....... please send us appropriate material for inclusion.

The e-Zine is sent as an email attachment but if you fail to receive your copy it will always be available for download from the 'Members Only' section of the website. We try to work to a maximum size of 10Mb which allows the trialling of some active content such as video clips within the e-Zine.

The e-Zine is only available to Club Members and is a PDF file which will also be available for download from the 'Members Only' area of the Club website.

The first edition of the 'BM Rider' which is normally only available to Club Members is freely available to all from this website. Enjoy..........

Download the first issue Here

You will need Adobe Reader in order to be able to read the e-Zine and Quicktime to display active content such as video. Both Adobe Reader and Quicktime can be downloaded free from the links below.


Download Adobe Reader here: Download Quicktime here:


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'The BM Rider'

Download the first ever issue

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