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The unofficial, independent club for unassuming BMW motorcycle enthusiasts anywhere

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The Forum

The BM Bikes & BM Riders Club Forum

Originally designed as a Forum for BM Bikes the Forum is now a meeting place for all with an interest in BMW motorcycles and we, as the BM Riders Club have been invited to share this Forum and a private Club area has been introduced for Club Members only. The Forum is the place where you can all meet each other in cyberspace to discuss motorcycle related issues, ask your technical questions or just have some general chat along with a little light hearted banter. It is intended to be a fun place to be but with a serious side for Club discussions and technical help too. Not all Forum Members are BM Riders Club members as we share this Forum with the BMW Motorcycle Information site 'BM Bikes' which is run by one of our founder members and is where the idea of this Club was conceived.

Access this forum is free and, unlike one major UK club, we have no intention of charging non-Club Members for access so why not register and enjoy the friendly and helpful atmosphere?

Forum Guidelines

Before you register for the Forum, please take a few moments to read the basic guidelines here and all of the rules within the Forum Rules.

Enjoy the Forum, use it wisely and with regard for the other members - please remember that we share this Forum with BM Bikes so not all Forum members are BM Riders Club members.

Forum Registration & Account Activation

It is not necessary to register to read the Forums. However, if you wish to post messages or view the attached photos you will need to register. Registration is free and simple - just click the register link at the top of the Forum and you will be led through the process which will only take a couple of minutes. After you register with the Forum an email will be sent to the address you used (you must use a valid address) - this mail contains a link that you MUST follow in order to activate your account and you must log-in too - if you accidentally delete this mail before doing so, you will need to contact me directly so that it can be activated manually. Failure to activate your account and log-in will result in it being deleted after one week. This applies to Forum members and BM Riders Club members alike.

In order to keep the Forum membership list current you must log-in at least once every six months - failure to do this will result in the account being deleted on the assumption that it is no longer used.  The simplest way to maintain the account is to ensure that the 'Log me on automatically each visit:' box is ticked when you register - you will then automatically be logged in each time you visit. Should your account become deleted in this way you are welcome to re-register at any time.

Additional BM Riders Club Forums

Within the Forums page there are additional Forums that are accessible to BM Riders Club members only and these are for general Club topics such as events and ride-outs etc. General chat and technical queries should be conducted within the main Forum area so that all can share and benefit.

In order for you to access the Club Forum area you must be a BM Riders Club member and should accordingly include your Forum Username on the membership application form - provided that you include your username, the additional Forum access will automatically be given at the time of processing your Member application. Failure to include the username on the member application will result in your not being given access to the 'Member Only' section and you will then need to request access from the 'User Groups' button at the top of the Forum - activation may then take some days.

Your Profile

You are welcome to use any realistic user name you like (so long as it's not rude) but do NOT use a meaningless string of digits or numbers as the account will be assumed to be spam and instantly deleted - it's also good to use your real name within your signature. As the Forum is International and advice may vary for different countries, I would ask you all to please at least include a country of origin within your location profile - this can be very helpful for anyone replying to your post and lets us all know what parts of the world we're reaching.


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