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The unofficial, independent club for unassuming BMW motorcycle enthusiasts anywhere

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Club Membership Application

Information entered here will be treated in the strictest confidence and in accordance with the Data Protection Act

Data will only be used for bona-fide Club purposes and will never be made available to third parties without your consent

The Club year runs from 1st May until 30th April

Full Membership of the BM Riders Club is open to all BMW motorcycle enthusiasts over the age of 16 years wherever they live. There is no requirement that you actually own such a machine but merely that you have an interest in them. Our view is that rather than say you cannot join because you don't currently own a BMW, we should encourage you to join and participate in the hope that one day your enthusiasm will prompt you to become an owner of one of the best motorcycles in the world. Our aim is to encourage rather than bully....... It is recommended that you consider registering with the Club Forum in order to gain full advantage of your membership, much of the current Club information will appear on either the Forum or this website.

Junior Membership is available for those under the age of 16 years at a much reduced cost. To become a Junior Member you must have a sponsoring adult such as a parent and you have no voting rights but will receive your own Membership Card. There will also be a Junior Forum within the Members Only area of the Club Forum.

Membership - General

BM Riders Club membership is available for an annual fee with the Club year beginning on 1st May and membership expiring on 30th April. Forum registration is not essential in order to be an active Club member but as much of the initial day to day Club chat and announcements will be made there it is advised that you join if you wish to gain the most from the Club.

Download Adobe Reader here: Download Quicktime here: Download Current Club Rules

For those who have no internet access, we can, for an additional fee, print this PDF for you and mail it, however this cannot include any active content such as video.

Payment Methods

1) CHEQUE: You may join the BM Riders Club (or renew) by submitting the Application below and mailing a cheque or by printing and completing this form and mailing it, with the appropriate £ sterling cheque to the address on the form. Cheques must be made payable to: BM Riders Club. Please ensure that you complete all relevant sections.

2) ON-LINE: You may apply for Membership of the BM Riders Club (or renew) by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal by selecting the appropriate 'Add to Basket' button below, making the payment and then completing and submitting the form below. Please Note: after making your payment you must return here and submit the form below too! You may pay for multiple purchases including Rallies, Regalia etc that are currently available although you must also submit the appropriate form. You must select 'Add to Basket', make your payment and then complete and submit the form below. Note: making the payment does not send your application and submitting your application does not make the payment - you MUST do both.

Please Note: We cannot register you on the Forum - you MUST do that yourselves and then include your username in your Membership Application. If you fail to tell us your Username we have no way to activate your Club Membership. Joining the Club does not automatically register you on the Forum.

If you just require to change your Membership details such as address etc. a form can be submitted from the 'Members Only' section here.

Current Membership Charges are:

Membership runs from 1st May to 30th April

Full Year & Renewals ( March onward for New Members)

Applies 1st March - 31st October (up to 2 months free for new Members)



Please ensure CURRENT Membership selection

Membership Type

Junior Membership

For your under 16's. Parent must be a Member






Don't forget to submit the application below after making your payment AND include your Forum Username


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